Mental Health Workshops

People often think that their mental and emotional health are separate things but they’re not. In these workshops I will be showing you ways to help you understand that our emotions are a result of our thinking. So if you have been struggling with stress or anxiety, allow me to guide you in ways that can reduce those things to manageable levels.

Although I am a hypnotherapist, I will not be guiding anyone to cluck like a chicken, these workshops are about helping you understand how powerful your mind is and nurturing your mental and emotional health for the better.  So, look below, book a place and come along with an open mind and heart for a better future and let’s have some fun together!

Please note: If you have been diagnosed with Psychosis or a Personality Disorder such as Bi-polar, please advice your mental health care team before booking. I am not a Doctor or Psychiatrist and the information provided in these workshops is for information only and not to be deemed as medical advise.

Mental Health Workshops for Businesses

When people are happier, more resilient and confident they are more engaged in their work, more productive, and there are fewer conflicts within the business. And all that has an effect on your bottom line. My workshops are NOT Mental Health First-Aid courses. These workshops are about Mental Health Self-care. They are about showing your staff, practical evidence based self-help tools and strategies to overcome anxiety, stress, and overwhelm and to manage their emotions (the drivers behind their behaviours) both inside and outside the work environment. 

If you own or manage a business and you would like me to deliver these mental health self-care workshops to your staff, please do contact me and let’s have a chat about how I might help them improve their mental health and emotional wellbeing.