Growth comes from the point of resistance we learn by pushing ourselves and finding out what lies at the edges of our ability” –  Josh Waitzkin

tim spencer, life coachAre you stuck in a specific area of your life? Are you struggling to get ahead in your life? Is there a specific goal that you would like to achieve but for some reason it has yet to happen?

These are the kinds of things that Life Coaching can help you with. So what is a Life Coach and why should you engage one?

A life coach is not like a sports coach. A sports coach will help the athlete improve their performance by teaching them techniques to improve their ‘edge’ over their competitors. A sports coach will advise the athlete on what they need to do and encourage them to push themselves that little bit further or faster or build their strengths.

A life coach, on the other hand can use techniques, but is not your adviser. A life coach knows that you have the solutions to whatever issue is being worked on, inside you. The life coach does not have the answers, but will get you to find your own solutions, to set your own goals, and to plan a way forward that is best for you.

You could say that your life coach is your accountability partner, encouraging you to reach your highest life goals.

Your life coach will work with you on specific goals and for a predetermined time frame. Once the goals have been reached the coaching will usually end, unless you wish to attain new goals, that is.

Life coaching is a partnership between you and your coach, not a teacher/student relationship. If it feels like that to you, you may be advised to find a different life coach.

The benefits of Life Coaching include:

  • A greater sense of focus and direction in life
  • A greater sense of who you are (self-awareness)
  • Increased confidence in yourself and your abilities
  • Better relationships with others
  • Much greater self-motivation
  • Much greater resourcefulness and resilience

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